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PWQA OFFERS Two $1,000 Scholarships ANNUALLY

Applicants are encouraged to apply to either the PWQA Member Company Scholarship or the Major of Study Related to Potable Water Quality Scholarship. Qualifications for each scholarship are listed below.

1. “PWQA Member Company Scholarship” will be awarded to an individual who is employed by a PWQA Member Company or is related to an individual that is employed by a PWQA Member Company. Said Member Company must be a PWQA Member in good standing, which is defined as a member company current on membership dues.

2. “Major of Study Related to Potable Water Quality Scholarship” will be awarded to an individual that is pursuing a major that supports potable water quality.


  • Provide proof of current admission or entry acceptance to a trade school, 2- or 4-year institution within 6 months of the scholarship being awarded
  • Submit an essay (500 words maximum) on how you intend to utilize your education in your chosen area of study. In addition, please explain how this money will help you achieve your academic goal.
  • Submit Transcripts from High School and all attended Colleges
  • Completed and signed application (click here to download)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a teacher or employer, etc. strongly encouraged


All applications and required materials must be received at the PWQA office no later than May 31, 2022.  Please print out and sign the completed application. The application and requested supporting documents can be emailed to or mail to:

Attn: Scholarship Committee
2700 East Foothill Blvd. #209
Pasadena, CA 91107


Please direct all questions to our office at (626) 283-4464 or

2021 scholarship winners


The PWQA Member Company Scholarship is awarded to Charles Arnold this year. Charles is studying Physics at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and is starting his third year this fall. Before attending RIT, he completed high school at Hillcrest High School in the City of Riverside where he achieved a GPA of 4.38. Charles has continued to

excel in his course work at RIT.
His father, Chris Arnold, is an employee of longtime PWQA member company Water, Inc. We want to congratulate Charles on his hard work which earned him this year’s scholarship and wish him success as he continues his educational pursuits.

The Major of Study Related to Potable Water Quality Scholarship is awarded to an individual who is pursuing a major that supports potable water quality.

This year’s recipient of this scholarship is George William Kajjumba, who is beginning his fourth year of graduate studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) this fall. He is on track to receive his PhD by the spring of 2022, with his research focus on lanthonides in wastewater, how best to remove them to safe levels for recycled drinking water and whether they can be recycled from the wastewater through coagulation processes along with other solid waste as biosolids for agriculture use. George Kajjumba came to UNLV from the University of Istanbul, Turkey and is originally from Uganda. As a graduate teaching adviser, he has mentored other students from around the globe on many subjects, including how to manage arsenic, chromium and TCE contaminants.

PWQA is very happy to contribute to George’s ability to achieve his educational goals as he prepares to take his skills back out into the world of water. We wish him the best and will be interested in following his promising career.